We all know how frustrating it can be when you open up your pantry and you can’t get to that one non-perishable food item because it’s been pushed to the far back and is covered by the twenty other cans that you just bought yesterday. Even if you have drawers that you store your non-perishable food items in, or even cleaners for that matter, they can become cluttered and inaccessible if too much is stored within them. Luckily there is a solution for this, and it’s custom kitchen pull out shelves made in Indio CA. These types of shelving or drawer units can make a once cluttered pantry into an accessible and functional storage unit. This is great for families who have children or vertically challenged members who need a greater area of accessibility.

pull out drawer


What You Can Customize It With

What makes pull out shelves and drawers so vital to your home is that they are mulch-faceted, meaning they can be used in your kitchen, pantry, and even bathroom. You can get custom built cabinets that have roll outs, or have sliding systems installed. You can also get other types of organizational systems such as:

  • Recycle systems,
  • Lazy Susans,
  • Tray dividers,
  • Blind corner storage systems,
  • Sliding trash systems.

If need be, you can also get wire wracks put into some of the roll out shelving cabinets in order to maximize space. From large pantries to smaller kitchen or bathroom cabinets, keeping organized can create a lot less stress!