Homeowners take on a large financial investment due to the nature of being responsible for maintenance at all times. Inclement weather, wear and tear, poor maintenance, and/or any unforeseen acts can create problems to a house (interior and exterior). Repairing water damage in the basement is an assignment that should only be handled by professionals. Tampering with pipes, heaters, machines, etc., without having experience in those restorations can potentially cause more problems than initially created.

The importance of acknowledging, and remedying water damage in a basement is crucial. If neglected, more destruction and problems can arise than initially produced. Within minutes, metal items such as corner beads, screws, and nails can begin to rust. During a few hours of disrepair, dyes can transfer from wall coverings, to wood in addition to particleboards, and plywood corrosion. If left unattended for a matter of days, mildew (odor and exterior damage) will occur on the affected area.

There are some instances such as flooding, ground water, and seepage that may not be covered by an insurance company. Homeowners should make sure exactly what is covered in their home insurance policy. Most insurance companies provide recommended resources for repair needs including independent contractors, and/or local repair companies.