Signs it’s Time to Contact a Roofing Contractor

The roof of your home is arguably the most important protective element of your home, as it’s designed to keep harsh dampness from permeating the structure. It’s important that your roof is always performing its proper function, so as to prevent irreparable damage. At times it can be hard to know when to contact experienced roofing contractors. Understanding key roofing issues can ensure you’re protecting your valued investment.

1.) Routine maintenance is crucial to a home; you may notice issues when inspecting key areas like the attic. Signs of roofing problems in this area begin with water stains; test them with a screwdriver or finger to verify if it’s damp. Other trailing dark spots point to leaks or other buildup can actually point to the location of the leak.

2.) Verify the age of your roof and call a contractor if it’s over 25 years old, especially if your roof has layers of shingles or poor ventilation in your attic. Roofs aren’t designed to last for over two decades and older construction may allow the growth of mold.

3.) The growth of moss on your roof not only makes your home appear dated, it’s actually a sign of deterioration. The moss can actually separate shingles and lift them from your roof.

Ensuring Your Business Looks Its Best


You probably take a lot of pride in your business and work hard to keep it looking its best. You make sure the floors are spotless and the displays in perfect order, and put a lot of thought into your branding and décor. That’s great, but do you give as much thought to the outer part of your store? Your parking lot, sidewalks and landscaping are important. They are the first impression customers will get of your store and first impressions mean everything. That’s why its important to keep them neat and in good condition. Your parking lot and sidewalks should be swept regularly and your sidewalks power washed. Your lawn and shrubbery needs to be mowed and trimmed at least once or twice a month in the summer. If your parking lot develops potholes or other damage, have them repaired promptly, and have the parking spots repainted from time to time. Sound like a lot of work? You can hire a company that specializes in building maintenance Beaumont TX to do it all for you. They eliminate the hassle and save you time and money. It’s an investment well worth making for your business!