Stone countertops are very popular for good reason. If you are building or remodeling your home, you may want to consider custom solid surface countertops. Here are the benefits of stone countertops.

stone countertop


Stone will last a long time and is very sturdy. Stone countertops will stand up to high heat, cleaners, knife nicks, food spills, utensils and kitchenware. Since they are solid surface, they are perfect for many family activities, like games, crafts or schoolwork.

No Two Alike

Simply because of the nature of the stone, no two countertops will be exactly the same. Even if the coloration and material is the same, there will still be differences in the shading and veining from the way each slab formed. The uniqueness of stone is one of the appeals of stone countertops.

Adaptable to Any Decor

Stone countertops will add natural beauty to any decor. They come in many different colors to complement your style and are polished for added appeal. They also add a sense of value and timelessness to the room and appear worth more than they cost.

Custom Fitted

Stone is sold by the slab and then it is cut to fit your counters exactly. This means there are no seams and no grout lines, so the beauty of the stone shines through.